Human Resources

What a Baking Show Can Teach Us About Constructive Feedback

To TV audiences who automatically associate reality television with manufactured drama, outlandish antisocial behavior, and cruel criticism bordering on abuse, The Great British Bake Off is a breath of fresh air – or more accurately a breath of healthy competition and good sportsmanship. And while the judges, Mary and Paul, have to provide critique and make an elimination in every episode, they do so in a way that demonstrates utmost respect and consideration for the efforts and skills of the contestants.

Onboarding A New Hire When You Don’t Have an HR Department

If your workplace doesn’t have a set of processes in place for what to do when a new person is hired, a lot of unnecessary time and energy can be expended on all sides trying to integrate the new person into company life. This may give the new employee an unfavorable first impression of the new job and lead to an unproductive first few days. With a little planning, you can develop a smooth and foolproof process to guide you through the onboarding, even if different components are handled by different people every time!