Words of Wisdom

Ask a Lawyer: What’s Wrong with Handshake Deals?

This week, business attorney Joan Teich is back for another installment of “Ask a Lawyer,” in which she analyzes a business law case from a recent movie and provides another perfect example of the risks of not understanding the implications of a business decision.

SCORE Big in Planning Your Events and Avoid Your Own Worst Picture Moment

Your event is a reflection of you. It is a reflection of your company’s message. Let it reflect the brilliance that are you and your company. Event planning expert Rachael Shackelford is back to share her strategy for scoring big and significantly decreasing the likelihood of a gaffe at your next event!


Tips for Creating a Better Home Office Space

As someone who has worked from home part- or full-time for almost a decade, I learned firsthand how much better I work from a designated office space in the home, rather than sitting at the dining room table or on the couch. I recently learned, however, that there are ways you can set up and decorate your home work space to even further enhance your at-home work experience!