We’re All Managers, So Let’s Act Like It

Photo Credit:     Image by    Gerd Altmann    from    Pixabay

Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What comes to mind when you hear the word management?

Let me guess…

  • “The Man”

  • Long, boring meetings full of being talked down to.

  • Spreadsheets, bar graphs, and pie charts about the bottom line.

  • Being told what to do, or what you do wrong.

You’re not alone. The statistics are dire: 58% of employees say they would trust a TOTAL STRANGER over their current manager and 50% of employees leave a job because of a bad manager at some point in their careers.

And these are just the problems with traditional manager-employee dynamics. We ALL engage in some form of management activity over the course of our career, whether we are supervising others, figuring out how to best work with our own supervisor, or working through how to collaborate with team members.

Managing is really about getting stuff done, and working with the people around us to accomplish a shared goal. What’s so hard about that?

People. People are why it’s so hard.

People are unpredictable, creative, irrational, and reactive. We are constantly changing in response to our interactions with our environments and the people in them. We thrive on dynamism and new ideas and shared experiences. Many of the common approaches to management are better suited to robots, because robots can do the same thing over and over, don’t communicate, and don’t have ideas or emotions.

Over the next few months, I’m going to explore this idea of rethinking management -- and especially of rethinking managing people -- through my blog and social media content.

Whether you are managing up, down, or across, we can all play a part in creating better workplace conditions to set ourselves – and everyone we work with – up for success.