The Power of Visualization: A Video Blog with My Origin Story

I think therefore I can.png

A few weeks back I had the exciting opportunity to participate in my first Facebook Live event. It was truly an honor to speak with Hera Hub DC owner – not to mention business mentor and connector extraordinaire – Julia Westfall as part of her #UpandOver series.

Julia came up with #UpandOver as a mantra for the power of visualization as a critical step toward success. What started as a technique Julia developed with her daughter to improve her daughter’s volleyball serve (by visualizing the ball going up and over the net) is now a strategy for defining goals in specific terms and then taking the steps to make those goals a reality.

Julia and the community she created at Hera Hub DC has been instrumental in helping me articulate the concept and goals for AIS Collaborations not from Day 1, but from Day 0 – before I even decided to start my own business. In our interview, we discuss my business origin story, the impact of Hera Hub, and the power of #UpandOver.