Needs Assessment

Running your business sometimes feels like staring down a pile of dumped-out puzzle pieces.

You know they all fit together, but where do you even begin? My Needs Assessment package helps you examine the pieces and determine a course of action to put it all together. 


The perfect way to start if you Know your business need something but you aren't sure what....

The Needs Assessment package will ensure that you manage operational challenges before they reach crisis mode. Whether you’ve grown in size, expanded your products and services, or experienced staff turnover, it’s inevitable that at some point what was once a well-oiled (or even just oiled) machine will get some grit in the gears. Whatever you were doing before is no longer enough. You start experiencing:

  • errors and oversights

  • missed deadlines

  • unmet tasks

  • miscommunications

  • decline in team morale

  • increased stress and overwhelm

  • uptick in customer complaints

By shining a light on the root causes of your challenges, this assessment will reveal the solutions that let you kick paralysis and overwhelm to the curb.

The Needs Assessment package includes:

  • One or two in-person meetings to unpack and define the source of problems.

  • A brief diagnostic report that recommends actionable solutions.

  • A final call to give you the clarify you need to select a course of action.

The package ranges from $1,500 - $3,000 depending on the scope and nature of your needs.


Why A Needs Assessment?

The Needs Assessment is effective as a stand-alone service to spur internal action OR as a starting point to identify longer-term consulting or business support services.

To set up a FREE 30-minute call to discuss your business and determine whether a Needs Assessment is right for you, please fill out the form below or schedule a call directly via calendly HERE.

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