Needs Assessment

Running your business sometimes feels like working on a puzzle that’s impossible to solve.

You know they all fit together, but where do you even begin?

My Needs Assessment package will help you organize the pieces in a meaningful, actionable way.

By shining a light on the root causes of your challenges, this assessment will reveal the path forward to kick paralysis and overwhelm to the curb.

Putting the pieces together; building systems; needs assessment; process mapping; system building

Is a Needs Assessment right for you?

Whether you’ve grown in size, expanded your products and services, or foresee big changes in the near future, it’s inevitable that at some point, what was once a well-oiled (or even just oiled) machine will get some grit in the gears.


 Maybe you’ve experienced:

  • errors and oversights

  • missed deadlines

  • small tasks falling through the cracks

  • duplication of effort

  • miscommunications

  • decline in morale

  • increased stress and overwhelm

  • increased customer complaints

The Needs Assessment is effective as both a stand alone service to spur internal action OR as a starting point to identify longer-term consulting or business support services.

What does the Needs Assessment package include?

 The Needs Assessment includes:

  • Kickoff phone call

  • 2 in-person meetings

  • Brief diagnostic report that recommends actionable solutions

  • Final call to give you the clarify you need to select a course of action

Needs Assessment FAQ

Need More Information?

For more details, FAQ, and more info, check out this handy PDF!

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