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Making the painful and tedious aspects of your work less painful and tedious To Improve efficiency and boost your bottom line!

Regardless of your organization’s size, and whether you can afford to have full-time operations personnel, there are many inexpensive, pragmatic, customizable, and sustainable ways to improve your operations and workflow. Together we can come up with a way to tackle your most pressing operation and management challenges in a way that fits your schedule, timeline, technological comfort level, and workplace culture!

These services will help you overcome the recurring obstacles and inefficiencies that can turn even the most interesting parts of your jobs into tedious chores. Together, we will uncover the root cause of the problem and identify the best way to solve it. While challenges of these sorts may be inevitable, they are not insurmountable.

Better operations make workplaces happier, more productive, less stressful, and more financially sound!

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Even the best made cars need to see the mechanic for a tune-up every now and then, and the same should go for your workplace. Whether you have been in business for years or are starting a new program from scratch, you can benefit from an outside perspective to help you develop a clear and defined set of processes for how your core tasks should be performed.

Articulate existing processes and implement new ones to streamline critical operational functions that:

  • Increase capacity and quality in grant and proposal development

  • Improve project and program planning to ensure work is completed on time and under budget

  • Strengthen performance and outcome measurement capabilities

  • Streamline personnel hiring, performance reviews, and management

Having a written plan and standardized processes for operational functions saves time, reduces errors, and allows tasks to be performed the way you need them to be, regardless of who is doing the work. Together we can develop planning tools, operations manuals, and templates that make it easy to sustain these streamlined practices.

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Like a personal trainer, I boost your (or your team’s) basic project and personnel management skills. Being a manager of any kind involves juggling many moving parts, and focusing on both the long-term goals and day to day details. But you don’t need an MBA, expensive certifications, or even complicated software to do it well.

Gain the expertise and confidence to:

  • Ensure success managing the full life-cycle of defined projects or ongoing programs

  • Increase accuracy of schedule and budget forecasts

  • Enhance individual and collective performances from your team members

  • Effectively develop strategies to identify and prevent problems before they occur

I will help strengthen your management capabilities and develop a strategy that fits your specific style and needs.

(For more on what skill areas are considered under project management, please see the FAQs).

Organizing, file naming, file sharing, naming conventions, office organization, filing system

Like a closet organizer for your work place, ­I can help you implement an organizing system that fits your needs, no matter how messy things are. Once I understand how you work and how the information or files are used, together we can design organizing rules and processes that will enhance the specific function and usability of the information, ensuring consistency and sustainability in the long run.

Better organization can help improve your team’s efficiency, communications, and work quality by:

  • Establishing a filing system or database that includes the information you access the most.

  • Installing a cloud storage and content management system that fits your specific needs.

  • Creating folder structures and file naming conventions for shared drives that increase search ability and prevent version control problem!


AIS Collaborations offers a series of workshops to help all managers - from aspiring to seasoned - fine tune and practice these skills. All our workshops provide practical insights and tools to confront and overcome the day-to-day twists and turns that can threaten then overall success of a project, team, or business.

These workshops can be delivered as a customized stand-along training for a specific team or project, presented as part of a larger retreat or professional development event, or provided as a private coaching session with one or two people.

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